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BELLARINA IS THE SPOKESPUP FOR HER RESCUE BROTHERS ( BEEZ AND HIS THORBABY) AND SISTER SIESTA. They have all gone over the RAINBOW BRIDGE so She hopes she can #BETHATVOICE for them and so many suffering …lost.. abused..and misunderstood #ANIMALS



WE WANT TO FIRST AND FOREMOST THANK THE INCREDIBLE TEAM AT #DALLASDOGSRRR FOR BEING INSPIRATIONAL TO ALL WHO WORK IN RESCUE …TO THE EXTRAORDINARY FOSTER FAMILY WHO LOVED HER DESPITE THE TICKS THE SCABS THE LACK OF HAIR WE LOVE YOU ALL !!GIVING DAY TESTIMONIAL: Caleb’s incredible transformation. “In July of last year I was scrolling through Facebook and came across the saddest, most defeated set of eyes we have ever seen.As a survivor of Lyme disease myself and the agony it caused me I could not stop thinking about this poor soul. A day or two went by and I kept looking for updates on Caleb’scondition and noticed Dallas DogRRR was still asking for a “foster home” for him. I decided to fill out a foster app to see if I could love and nurse this boy back to health.After being selected to be his foster parents (which blew my mind because he had numerous applications I was told) we were told his story.He was technically “owner surrendered” after someone called animal services and reported his conditions. The person that had him in their possession stated that they had recently found him as a stray and could not afford to take him to the vet to do the necessary means for his treatment. He was taken by Animal Services and taken to the Mesquite shelter where Dallas DogRRR stepped in.From there he spent 9 days at the vet getting treatment for hundreds of ticks, worms, scabies, numerous skin infections, anemia and low body weight. When he arrived here at our home he was nothing but a scabby, itchy, hairless “dog”. I even asked Kristen who dropped him off to us if we were sure he was really a dog. He looked like a helpless, feeble coyote. He rested and ate and itched and scratches for the first 2 weeks with us. Everyday getting stronger and more comfortable After about 6 weeks he was cleared for getting neutered and we were told soon after that he’d be ready to look for his forever home….Well, enter the term “foster fail”.We were so in love with this little guy that we just couldn’t imagine him not being a permanent fixture in our family. Caleb continues to make us laugh and smile every single day and has the funniest disposition. He has quite the fan club too! So many people, friends, family and clients of mine have watched his transformation via Facebook and continue to ask about him and acknowledge what a beautiful dog he has become.
I’m happy to say he is happy healthy and lives the best life. He has no ongoing issues due to ticks or parasites. He’s is loved by many but mostly by us!!” -Dawn S., DogRRR Foster and Adopter #WhyIGive #NTxGivingDayJoin us at Truck Yard Dallas for our Giving Day Celebration on 9/19 https://www.facebook.com/events/341613673390989/ and support us on Giving Day https://www.northtexasgivingday.org/dallas-dogrrr! Let’s Get Up and Give! Dawn Hileman Superak