I don’t know what it is but I can’t help it I just love PIGGIES.. .mini pigs, micro pigs just plain PIGGIES. My very favorite is my friends Prissy and Pop

They have so much fun and no matter how bad your day they can make you smile…their wonderful owner is s great person with a huge heart and a wonderful farm.


SUNDAY BLOG ….Even Cactus BEARDED DRAGON  has really had to ponder all the events in the news this week. Sometimes the sadness is just overwhelming but I will try to do a run down on things that I think are important.

It is official the Tiawan Goverment has banned Dogmeat Trade in the past month such good news and huge in that area of the world.


FINN FOR CHANGE ….Public education and awareness that Law Enforcement Animals if attacked or injured or killed in line of duty the subsequent charges have equal status recognized as officers of Law…..The tale of this Incredible Dog and his Incredible Handler Dave Wardell and their unconditional love…is an amazing story …. the links on Main Page ….enjoy.     Let’s help spread #finnforchange story

FB_IMG_1492387679224-2Our good friend LITTLE BELLE has passed away and gone over RAINBOW bridge …..her Mom Angel Irene is devastated and those of us who loved this sweet little pup will miss her very very much. But her fight to end #animalcruelty and #nomorepuppymills will continue..!


IF your looking for an amazing #rescue to support please follow #NYBullyCrew they are just angels on earth they take on some of the worst examples of animal cruelty and go above and beyond to find a way for these precious dogs to get healthy rehabilitated and find the great homes they deserve .

Another shout out to American Bulldog Rescue for great work educating the public and helping so many bully breeds find loving homes.!


I Was so overwhelmed this past week after watching a documentary on plastic pollution in our oceans currents death to WILDLIFE who consume…. or are caught in plastic tanglings.  Slow poisoning of ocean life..plantlife and risk to all humankind …..and I offered some great stories on homepage of 20yr old who is helping design garbage collector to clean ocean water…..a Man who gave up job and former life to land in Mexico and who has built an island on the discarded recycling plastic and garbage…Bravo to RICHIE SOWA enjoy ….!!