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TWO HEROES ….A Special Mention Tribute

Today at work I struck up a conversation with to very nice young men they are regulars at my place of employment (restaurant).  But, in our conversation today regarding a birthday dinner of one of the brothers He mentioned a friend took them out for Chinese and not just any friend as it was ….but the man they had rescued from a fiery crash on a highway several years before.  From their great herioc deed, not only were they awarded medals for their bravery, but had become lasting friends with the man they saved…..not your average over the counter story but having spoken several times to these fine young men I was not the least bit suprised that they just dove in and did what needed to be done ……BRAVO GENTLEMEN GOOD JOB NICE TO MEET SUPERHEROES IN THE FLESH   

Your friend ELLE

Crowdfunding to Help towards the veterinary bills to treat Domino. He is a horse that was attacked in his paddock by people with a large knife. on JustGiving

This beautiful horse was attacked by someone not only stabbed him but smashed his face with hammer or likes of PLEASE READ… 

 ..he is at risk for infection and his spirit brutalized please follow links share and help in any way you can.   story must be shared so these horrible culprits can be caught and we get #JUSTICE4DOMINO