It’s been busy week again and this week was the Birthday of our Darling LITTLE BELLE 

who had just passed away on April 25 few weeks before her 18th birthday it is also HER Human Angel Irene’s Birthday too…she wants us all to write on Little Belle’ s wall and share wishes and memories of what she meant to you …I was only a friend for a short time but this inspiring little dog touched my heart so deeply her mom and best friend Angel Irene was always kind to chat on messenger and with someone so far away it was so appreciated.  I waited for each days activities  and even Bellarina got excited when I would be messaging almost like she knew we were talking to friends 

We are so sad for Irene we lost our BEEZ just two yrs ago and it is that loss wad just so deep it took better part of two yrs to find way to keep my promise  and it drives me to find ways to help spread the word about #STOPCRUELTY and #savelives #speak4rescues we can #BETHATVOICE and I try to end each rescue tweet or share with a #4THEBEEZPLEASE in his honor.  There have been some happy endings for some high kill shelter pups this week but unfortunately lots have been Euthanized soooooo incredibly sad and frustrating but I made that promise so I have to put sadness to determination so I want take this time to tell you great news…LIVE LIKE ROO Foundation has seen our Blog and liked it we chatted live which was exciting just last week.   

BE sure to find out about ROO’S WORLDWIDE ICE CREAM SOCIAL MEDIA EVENT MAYBE YOU CAN PARTICIPATE TOO!  And this past week found an incredible Rescue in Ontario Canada my province who does just amazing Rescue work from across world there Moto is “To rescue dogs till no more need rescuing ” WOW that is inspiring so NOW we have communicated and are so pleased an honored to help any way we can.   EXCITING definetely check out their site


Author: ellesgot2know

I am a mother of 5 great kids (grown) 11grankids..60 . Lover of family, life...nature...animals...creatures great and small. Artist...painter,sculpter of wood and rocks.

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