The Incredible  ALL PAWS MATTER RESCUE is registered charity and a wonderful safe haven for

abused and neglected dogs from places around the world.  This Awe-Inspiring group of wonderful People definetely have caught not only my eye but that of TEAM IMPACT WHO HAS EVENT COMING UP AND CHOSE ALL PAWS MATTER 

That is very exciting news so lets all spread their message and give loving hand to this INSPIRING RESCUE AND THE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS THAT THEY HAVE SAVED …PLEASE …..#adopt #adoptdontshop #rescue #4thebeezplease #helpsave 

Be sure to help this Incredible Rescue #BETHATVOICE for those that cannot ask for help ….Check out this sweet face  a new arrival just here from overseas


Author: ellesgot2know

I am a mother of 5 great kids (grown) 11grankids..60 . Lover of family, life...nature...animals...creatures great and small. Artist...painter,sculpter of wood and rocks.

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