Alot of posts on social media over the past week have really stressed the importance to urge the buying public not to gift LIVE ANIMALS…BUNNIES…DUCKS….CHICKS for EASTER it is not acceptable once the candy is gone usually so is the interest in these small Animals.  They need food… water …..ATTENTION!  Unfortunately, year after year shelters worldwide are overwhelmed a few weeks after big holidays with pets that are no longer wanted ….I have personally witnessed this in a veterinary setting many years before as a student Vet Tech were a parent brought a little girl to Vet to have puppy put down because he was getting big and he wasn’t cute and it stunk when he pooped and no one had time…for him but must be put down because little girl didn’t want anyone else to get him…..I was inconsolable. The Vet at first seemed to consider this ….even suggested that when they found perfect pet they would come back and get shots and care with him if he helped out with this unfortunate pup….ughhhh I think my reaction and reaction of several other tech students may have pressured him in to a deal that pup would be rehomed by Veterinary facility little girl could be told he went to heaven…..good grief I lost a lot of respect for that facility that day.   But this is not an isolated incident it is a huge problem with worldwide societies where animals are a disposable commodity.  They are killed for FUR for sport for THRILL for just being BORN…And as uncomfortable as this is it is up to us those of us and there are so many kind and decent people worldwide it is up to us to BE THAT VOICE……LETS HELP PLEASE….HAVE A GREAT EASTER WEEKEND AND HUG YOUR ANIMALS HELP A SHELTER….TWEET..POST AND SHARE FOR THOSE THAT CANNOT “BE THAT VOICE”

I made a promise to my SILLY BEEZ THAT I WOULD FIGHT in any way I could to make a difference on his and his foster babies behalf till I take last breath….so when you see #4thebeezplease think of my dear SILLY BEEZ and help spread the word about #Animal Cruelty…..#nomorepuppymills….#stopdogfighting


Author: ellesgot2know

I am a mother of 5 great kids (grown) 11grankids..60 . Lover of family, life...nature...animals...creatures great and small. Artist...painter,sculpter of wood and rocks.

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