Detroit Dog Rescue ….Incredible odds,… incredible people saving incredible dogs

I want to make a special mention to the great people involved with DETROIT DOG RESCUE these kindhearted, passionate group of people including veterinary and medical staff personel, the faces behind the scenes the tremendous group of volunteers and event organizers….I found this great rescue by accident I had just lost my American Staffordshire Bull Terrier to cancer….someone sent me a link maybe to get my mind off of Thorbaby…I have followed ever since and I am truly amazed daily at the incredible good this rescue does day in and day out the extraordinary efforts made to save Dogs others deem as dangerous or disposable.  BLESS THEIR HEARTS AND THE LIVES OF ALL DOGS THAT THEY RESCUE.  Em Robins


Author: ellesgot2know

I am a mother of 5 great kids (grown) 11grankids..60 . Lover of family, life...nature...animals...creatures great and small. Artist...painter,sculpter of wood and rocks.

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