Charity Mews: PDSA vets save cat after boiling water attack

So sad ….glad this poor cat has been saved.


Hi everyone,

Please find a very important rescue story of our friends over at the PDSA below. Without the important work of the PDSA we wouldn’t want to think what would happen to cats such as Tuppence!

Additionally if you happen to have any information that could help the police track down the person that attacked this poor cat do report it to police or crimestoppers uk using the details below.

Please note for those of you that have asked for a tissue rating this is a definite 5 out of 5 on the scale of requiring tissues…

PDSA vets save cat after boiling water attack 

A beloved family cat was left scarred for life after suffering horrific burns when boiling water was poured over her head and back.

Seven-year-old Tuppence almost died following the incident, but has pulled through following intensive treatment from vet and nursing staff at PDSA’s Bournemouth…

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