Be That Voice

The picture above is of my Thorbaby a rescue pup an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was caught up in the pitbull ban in a city near by…he was an incredible little guy.  And to no fault of his own very much at risk of being euthanized for being the wrong breed at wrong time. In his 9 years he gave us such joy and devotion until he passed away from cancer… he is missed to this very day, everyday.  So, it was seeing his picture tonight as I was looking for images for this blog that I became inspired to write this post.

This past month as I have delved through incredible amounts of news articles and posts and tweets the most disconcerting time is when I become almost overwhelmed by the amount of stories of abandoned dogs …cats ..pigs..horses, rabbits and reptiles.  Then there is all of the horrendous abuses that even in 2017 is everyday in the news and those are the cases we hear about. It is heartbreaking and frustrating all at the same time. News of the slaughter of the rhinos and elephants for their tusks….(thank goodness that China has put ban on ivory sales this past week). Then of course,  there is news of barbaric bills that are passed in U.S. that baffle the mind like the bill that allows hunting during hibernation and den trapping…for wolves and bears.  I cannot understand the mind set that allows these bills then I am reminded of how many thousands of dogs that were blanketed to be euthanized by pitbull and bully breed bans…most fuelled by sheer ignorance.  So having said all that, my message this week is that…WE BE THE VOICES FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES


Elle Robins

Author: ellesgot2know

I am a mother of 5 great kids (grown) 11grankids..60 . Lover of family, life...nature...animals...creatures great and small. Artist...painter,sculpter of wood and rocks.

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